Intuition: Build, Connect

When I asked my husband what he thought about intuition, he looked at me like I was crazy. In all fairness, I tend to bring up deep questions at times he wants to watch football or, like last night, just before we were about to go to sleep. I sat up and rephrased.

Best pic I could find to capture my husband's enthusiasm at this question.

“Do you think intuition can be built, like a skill?” Because he’s kind, he thought about it, and a rather interesting discussion began.

We discussed the difference between compulsion and intuition—being rash versus going with the gut. We discussed the balance of information and feeling in leadership. We discussed Trump. We discussed spirituality. We discussed the fact that we shouldn’t have such discussions right before bed.

Intuition, for me, is something that not only CAN be built but but HAS to be built up. It is a skill. Sometimes, intuition feels stronger due to external events. Mothers, for instance, seem to tap into a deeper intuition when they have young children to take care of and few resources (see: Jasmine from my forthcoming book, Resolutions.)

I’m currently reading On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. The book is remarkable. It reminds m