3 intentions, 1 prompt





This time of year is pressurized. We spend more, we expect more, we connect more. It can be easy to ruminate about what we wish we had or how people should act. According to leadership research, meditations and wellness articles, the solution is gratitude. It's easy to advise, but the practice can be tough.

After all, if the holidays remind us of one thing it is that people do not always act the way we want them to. Circumstances are not always ideal. But what would it be like to be thankful for exactly what drives us crazy? Let's be grateful for the obvious stuff, sure, but also for the painful moments, the long commute and the assholes - after all, they make us stronger and clarify what matters. My gratitude list is below. A free gratitude meditation is here.


“Fall seven times, stand up eight." - Japanese Proverb


fail better

Chris and I decided to make everyone's gifts this year. We have a good printer and started binding books from our garage. He's an artist, and I write. We began framing prints. We figured we could make this work.

We could not.

We tried to print small books (Constitutions, planners, etc..) in our garage, and due to the number of failed attempts (mostly in the printing and layout stages, but also at the binding stage), our few hardscrabble copies ended up costing us almost $40.

So we decided to use our creative energy in more efficient ways. We bought gifts and moved the 2020 Creative Resilience Daily Journal.



hone the craft

This means discipline.

This means breaking the boundaries of comfort and going for it. This means getting clearer about purpose, more organized in execution, and bolder in delivery. This intention is to be better than good. It's not a resolution; it's a practice. I invite you to join me.

share your successes and plans with me!


Creativity Prompt

Write a story about the future with no dystopia. Write about a character having a bad day while existing in an ideal future - one Greta Thurnburg would be proud of. The world is lush and green, the animals are healthy, and people coexist without fear or greed. What kinds of problems would remain? How could one have a bad day?

Resolutions update

The book is coming... just reviewed the cover concept! It's sewwwww Midwest. Find a READER'S GUIDE here. Cover previews are in progress. I am BEYOND EXCITED for this book. It is THE work.


If you're in the Columbus area, please check out my new classes: Intuitive Yoga @The Dojo and Hatha @Kula Yoga and Wellness. Meditations are here (https://insighttimer.com/Jen_Knox).

A gratitude shortlist: warm home, the opportunity to teach, the person who cut me off on 315 who reminded me to be patient, my new publication (Resolutions 2020), family and all the family dynamics that come with, friends, yog