Storytelling is about exploring the nuances of life, the anguish within beauty and the wisdom within pain. When we hold our stories inside, they weigh us down. When we release them, we find not only voice but also perspective.

The co-owner of Unleash Creatives, a creativity coaching service in the Midwest, Jen Knox teaches writing, yoga, meditation and leadershipJen's stories and essays appear in classrooms, textbooks and publications around the world. 


a family in stories

forthcoming from AUXmedia

Pre-release copies for Book clubs. discussion guide here. 



Workshops available for half-day and full-day events. Focus includes:

Creativity and innovation

Mind-body wellness

Yoga workshops


Creativity and wellness workshops (limit 20 participants) run 1.5 hours (on average) and comprise customized talks on craft and practical methods for incorporating creative thinking into your daily life now.


Smaller (5 participants or fewer) and online workshops also include discussions,  writing prompts, free-writing time, and individual debrief sessions/advice. Contact me to set up a consult.


In-person schedules at:

Life Time Fitness

Kula Yoga and Wellness

Intuitive Touch

One-on-ones available by appointment


Contact me for an introductory meeting and consult via video conference or phone. Prepare three (3) goals you would like to achieve as a writer. We'll take it from there.


Happy to partner with Sivana Spirit as a writer and yoga teacher. Shop Sivana for fair trade clothes and jewelry. Use KNOX1 for 20% off.



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