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"Blackouts" in Buffalo State's Elm Leaves Journal

"Bussing" in Prose Online

"Family Photo" forthcoming in AUDACIOUS WOMEN

"The Meaning of Life" in The New Guard Volume X

Poetry (yes, poetry) in Midway Journal



"Steady" in Winning Writers (finalist, Tom Howard prize in CNF)

"Disembodied" in CutBank 99 (Winner, Montana Prize)

"Charisma" in great weather for MEDIA's anthology A Shape Produced by a Curve

"Apologies" in the Jaded Ibis publication Scarlet

"Factory Work," Gordon Square Review (Finalist)

"Dandelion Ghosts," Flash Fiction Magazine (Editor's Choice)

"ASCENSION,"  Five South

"Time Away," Five South (longlist for Flash Prize)

"On Abandoned Writing," Write or Die

"The Lavender House," Madville Publishing's Muddy Backroads 

"Sticky Hands," Reflex Fiction 

"Tricksters,MoonPark Review


"Popliteal Fossa," Flash Fiction Magazine"Mantel Birds" in Flash Fiction Magazine


"Emotional Intelligence,Cutthroat Lit Mag


"Jupiter" and other poems in The Writing Disorder


"Lost Her Way" in Taboos & Transgressions


"Gather the Ingredients" in Chicago Tribune


"Scratching the Silver" in Per Contra


"Salt" in Little Fictions


"#CONNECTED" in Thrice ​


"Circling Home" in Poor Claudia (poetry)


"Rideshare" in JMWW


"Our Sky, the Ocean" in Lunch Ticket and (and on audio)


"Lost Her Way" in JUKED

"Columbus, Ohio" in Narrative Magazine

An early excerpt of Resolutions in Fairlight Books' story series:


"Sensory Details."


Click on the HERE for an essay on dealing with bad days. 

If you're ready to put your phone in airplane mode, check out

The Disconnect 


"The Regulars" in Flexible Persona


"Gather the Ingredients" in Press Americana


"Lottery Days" in Literary Orphans


"Open Times" in The Saturday Evening Post


"Lucky" in Little Fiction


"Gather the Ingredients" in Press Americana


"The Slope of a Line" in Litbreak


"The Inconvenience of It All" at The Saturday Evening Post


"Gasoline" at Bombay Lit Mag


"A Perpetual State of Awe" at Atticus Review


"The White Room" at Blue Fifth Review, The Blue Collection 5


"My Children in Times New Roman" at Room Magazine


"West on N Road" at Superstition Review


"The Chef" at Fiction Attic Press


"Two Flew Away" at Midway Journal


"Beyond the Thin Line" in A-Minor


"Lying to Old Men" in The Adirondack Review


"With a Shot" at Litro Online


"Getting There" in PANK


"Polygon" in Chicago Literati


"Gather the Ingredients" in Chicago Tribune's Printers Row

(story available for purchase


"On No-nut Butters" in McSweeney's Internet Tendency


"Luna" in SFWP Quarterly

Older stories ...

"Endurance: A Handbook for Single Mothers" at Sunday Salon

"Static Time" in apt (fiction)

"The Prize at the End of This" in Curly Red Stories (creative non-)

Novel Excerpt: "We Arrive Uninvited" in WIPs Journal

"An Awkward Grief" in Bound Off #90

"Like Water" in Flash Frontier (global edition)

"Gasoline" in The Bombay Literary Magazine

"The Suit" in Burrow Press Review

"We Arrive Uninvited" (fiction about monsters) in A cappella Zoo 11

"WWCBAR" (fiction/print) in Skidrow Penthouse

"Girls Don't Sit in the Back" (fiction) in Prick of the Spindle

"Nothing" in Eunoia Review

"Rita Forgives the World" in Eunoia Review

"After the Gazebo" in ARDOR

"Don't Tease the Elephants" (fiction) in Monkeybicycle

"When Pretty People Disappoint" (fiction) in JMWW

"When Pretty People Disappoint" (audio)

"Weightless" (fiction) in Lost in Thought 4

"The Regular" (fiction) in The Istanbul Review

"In Transit" (experimental fiction) in Stone Highway Review

"Order Up" for NPR's Three-minute Fiction Contest

"No Worries" in EDGE v6 (fiction/print)

"Monday" in Thrush (poetry)

"Getting There" in PANK (fiction)

"A Good Deed" in Independent Ink Magazine (fiction)

"A Glimpse" in Thumbnail Magazine (fiction)

"The Warning" at r.kv.r.y (fiction)

"Synchronicity" at Gargoyle (fiction)

"Charity" at Conium Review (fiction)

Exquisite Quartet Anthology

"A Good Meal" in Blue Five Notebook (poetry)

Columbus, Ohio at Narrative Magazine (essay)

"Absurd Hunger" and Interview at Connotation Press (fiction)

"Needy Kids" in Bluestem Magazine (fiction)

"Types of Circus" in fwriction : review (fiction)

"Encased" in Black Fox Literary Journal (fiction)

"The Driver" in The Criterion: An International Journal in English

"Ego" in Subliminal Interiors (poetry, 07/11)

"The Code" in Global Short Story Competition - 2011 May - Winning Story '(fiction 06/11)

"The Proposal" in Independent Ink Magazine (fiction 06/11)

"Anxiety is" in Pure Slush (essay 06/11)

Ramshackle Review (05/11 - prose poetry)

"On 'Friend'ship" in Pure Slush (essay 05/11)

"Disengaged" in Short Story America Anthology (hardcover, 2011)

"A Glimpse" (first printing) in Eclectic Flash (fiction/audio 05/11)

Used Furniture Review (04/11)

52|250 A Year of Flash/under wraps 03/11

52|250 A Year of Flash/to the core 03/11

"A Little Taste of Heaven" in BARTLEBY SNOPES (fiction 01/11 - Story of the Month!)

ANNALEMMA MAGAZINE (print/essay, 2010))

Best of 2010: Eclectic Flash (print/fiction)

Eclectic Flash (fiction, 2010)

Flashquake (nonfiction)

FOUNDLING REVIEW (fiction, 2010)

Gently Read Literature (review of "Between Panic and Desire" 2010)

San Antonio Current (flash, 2010)

"Levity" in METAZEN (fiction, 2010)

Midwest Literary Magazine (fiction, 2010)

Short Story America (fiction, 2010)

San Antonio Current (print/fiction, 2009)


"Relapse" in The Houston Literary Review (flash/prose poetry)

"Solitary Value" in Slow Trains (fiction, 2008)

"Animal Control" in Uno Kudo 3

Quiz & Quill (print/fiction, script)

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