Creative Trifecta: Thoughts, an Exercise

During my lengthy commute, I've been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic for the second time. It's a book full of permissions to create whatever-the-fuck you want, to not apologize for it, and to not expect anything from it.

In reading [listening to] this book a second time, the spiritual/mystic undercurrent felt stronger. Perhaps I can appreciate it more since my own thoughts on creative output have changed.

I teach writing, leadership and yoga. All three of these roles have offered me more insight than I bargained for, and the overlap is telling. We are all on this planet looking for clarity, connection, and a certain amount of comfort. These needs drive writing, drive a desire to lead, drive a desire to fully realize our health and wellness goals.

Gilbert's beautiful words about writing and the creative life exhibit the human urge for clarity, to understand. But while it's true that an artist (or an artist's muse/daemons) are seeking to clarify aspects of the world through creative questioning, there remains the artist's personal desire for both comfort and connection.