On Jealousy and Resilience

“He was jealous of her future, and she of his past.” Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus On Creative Jealousy: Few people I know (as in no one, not a single person) are immune to the pang of jealousy from time to time. This is especially true of professional artists and writers. I'll venture to say that in the art and publishing worlds, appreciation for another's work can lead to both jealousy and inspiration. The thing is, they don't have to be mutually exclusive.  The naggy feeling that we are not enough is easy to group with the observation of those who we think do have enough or are doing it better. Much of marketing is built on the idea that we are always wanting what is different and new. In other words, what others have. But to achieve success (for these same reasons) can be lonely.  On Creative Resilience: When we see someone doing something we'd like to do as artists, it's an opportunity like no other. Not to replicate efforts or ruminate but to study and learn from another human being. To  gain insight and perhaps heighten empathy for another's interpretation of the world. This empathy can go to the creator as well. After all, another's success can be lonely. If you're jealous, others probably are as well. One thing I don't like about advice on jealousy is that it's always so simplistic. "Lift each other up," "move on," "just do you..." Instead, perhaps, the answer is to dive into the jealousy and explore it.

Then put it to work! It might have a good story to tell. 

                                   With Love,