My (Weirdo) Life

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

To be clear, this is not Ohio

Just before I turned forty, I pledged to go “full out weirdo.” I’ve been working on it, and I think I’m doing a pretty damn good job so far. I’d like to share my progress with you, and I plan to do so here.

I used to blog about my monthly observations, and I miss doing so because writing—even unedited, stream-of-thought writing—offers a bit of clarity and perspective on our crazy world. Ironically, when I came back to Ohio to be nearer family and save a bit of money (the psychology attached to which, let me tell you, has been interesting), my blogging stopped. A lot of things stopped, actually.

So here I am again, after a few years away from regular blogging, and I’ll be posting weekly about my weirdo life, writing, yoga and meditation, and all the things that struck me as strange, sad, or wonderful from the week before. These posts will be short and strang