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★ Winner, Steel Toe Books Award

★ Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition

★ Second Rounder, Launch Pad Prose Competition.

★ Redlist, Coverfly

When Emerson was twelve, she was enamored by her grandmother Amelia and believed that what others saw as eccentricity or mental illness was instead a misunderstood gift.


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★ Winner, 2017 Press Americana Prize for Prose

"A shrewd yet playful collection of stories that explores the dangers of extremes with a subtle, skillful elegance."


This collection of climate fiction was rereleased by Press Americana September 2023

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"A talented writer exhibiting her own intuition, Knox understands that our greatest fear is loneliness. In We Arrive Uninvited, she gifts us with myriad ways to find a cure. "

—Tara Lynn Masih, author of How We Disappear (Florida Book Award recipient) and My Real Name Is Hanna


"Practical Magic meets Steel Magnolias, only without all the Hollywood

nonsense." —Ashley Holloway, author of Create & Curate


'This novel is Shirley Jackson meets Anne Sexton... " —Karen Poppy, author of Diving at the Lip of the Water

"A word after a word after a word is power." --Margaret Atwood
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