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"Jen Knox writes the healthy fiction equivalent of the detox smoothie you’d get if you poured half a cup of Mary Gaitskill, two tablespoons of Mary Robison, a teaspoonful of Raymond Carver, and some chilly Laura van den Berg into a Tom Waits blender and hit puree."
Richard Peabody, editor Gargoyle Magazine on After the Gazebo.

"A word after a word after a word is power." --Margaret Atwood



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"I'm a confident person but started becoming conscious of these little persistent images when I'd get angry about something, ultimately undermining myself. This meditation, in just five minutes, helped me bring these images fully to my awareness to give it attention and recognize how ridiculous it was. That was really amazing!"

Wendy W.

"This is what it’s’s meditation and inner wisdom and science combined, it’s delivered in the right tone with a beautiful energy and voice ...I will keep working to the goal." 

Lisa, UK



Working with Jen was a delightful process, she confidently navigated me through developmental editing to ready my book for pitching to publishers. She listened well and understood my goals and interests. It was such a pleasure working with Jen, and I look forward to working with her again on my next book project. I highly recommend Jen if you are writing a book and want to partner with a supportive and knowledgeable guide.

Brandi, Washington

I've been figuratively barricaded behind a self-imposed wall, unable to let out art... Even avoiding guided meditations, and a lot of things I need yet am afraid to be present to and with. And, with your meditation, I legitimately just did an art therapy charcoal sketch! It that was insightful and also not what I expected to show up. Thank you sincerely for this.



If you're serious about growing as a writer, you should certainly consider hiring Jen Knox as your writing coach.

Though I hold a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Playwriting from a reputable writing program, Jen's coaching has been a great resource for me.  Her no-nonsense approach, sage advice, thoughtful feedback, and considerable knowledge of all things writing has truly helped me exceed my writing goals. 

If you're ready to take your writing to the next step, I recommend giving her a call today.



Jen coached me through the completion of my collection of short stories. She is a great teacher and very precise. With her positive feedback and encouragement, I was able to finish the book. 


I highly recommend her coaching services for new writers.

Seema Jot, Washington

Working with Jen is amazing! She is supportive, succinct, and really provides feedback and direction so you can take your work to its its highest level. 

For Essays on leadership and healthy living, find Jen's work at Sivana East, Fiction Southwest, Elephant Journal, and Lead Read Today. I have thoughts on Floating, Cupping, Technology, How to Deal with Bad Days and Writing Exercises to Conquer Fear.


I was close to death that winter, but we all were. The flu was the worst in decades, and the blizzards were no help. News reporters stopped covering stories outside of Ohio and included only “breaking reports” from specialists or “urgent updates” from meteorologists who were adept at saying nothing in complex ways...

Road Tripping


Learning to Breathe through the No Good, Very Bad Days.

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When going through tough times, acknowledging the way we feel sets the stage for resilience. 

Chess Pieces


They believed in the burnt sugar-scented, cobblestone dreamland that came to life in their mother’s stories. They stayed up nights discussing life as though it were a soft, sweet thing to sample, like the truffles that cooled on wax paper in their kitchen. The perfect, plump chocolates were just waiting to be plucked by tiny fingers.