On Perspective

On perspective: The quest for protection often leads to imprisonment. Digest this as you will, but I mean it in all interpretations I can think of, from protecting ourselves from rejection (thereby not doing x,y, or z) to expecting others to protect us, only to realize we might need protection from said protector. From the artist's perspective, a good question to ask is what safety means to us? Picture safety: warmth, health, home, support,  ...[fill in the blank] Perhaps the quest to live our best lives means to be scrappy enough to know how and when to give up what is safe in exchange for what is best. On brave art and opinions: Creative confidence leads to creative freedom. Many times new authors will copy form and function. They'll aspire to be the next Margaret Atwood or James Baldwin and forget their own message and voice. Waiting for the red stamped OK from a particular publication or agency is not a promise but a subjective head nod.

It means next to nothing. Waiting for acceptance is futile. Picture the bold artist: secure, free, original Now is the time to trust our own creative voices above all else and use it to call for change. This is a way of showing up in the wold. 

Creativity prompt: Write a story, essay or poem about an issue you feel passionate about. And don't hold back. Every time you feel yourself holding back, sit up taller and write faster.