Author Bio:

The co-owner of Unleash Creatives, Jen Knox is an educator and storyteller who teaches writing, leadership, and meditation. 

Her books include the short story collections The Glass City (Hollywood, CA: Winner, Prize Americana for Prose) and After the Gazebo (New York City, NY: Rain Mountain Press). Her novel-in-stories, RESOLUTIONS, was released March 2020. 

Her writing has been nominated for the Pen Faulkner, The Best of the Net, and a Pushcart. Stories have been featured in textbooks, classrooms, and both online and print publications around the world. Her fiction appears in The Best Small Fictions 2017 (Braddock Avenue Books), The Adirondack Review, Sivana East, Chicago Tribune's Printers Row, Chicago Quarterly Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, Crannog, Elephant Journal, Fairlight Books, Fiction Southeast, Juked, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, MJI News, Poor Claudia, The Saturday Evening Post, The Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly, NPR, Short Story America, and Sequestrum, among over a hundred other publications. Read many of her stories here.

Unleash Creatives is a holistic arts organization that provides writing, mind-body coaching and art services. For visual arts services, go to


Mission and Vision:

I write to explore. I teach to empower.

Storytelling is about exploring the nuances of life, the anguish within beauty and the wisdom within pain. When we hold our stories inside, they weigh us down. When we release them, we find not only voice but also perspective.

I am an educator and storyteller who teaches leadership, writing, and meditation - sometimes all at once. Every day, I write with the aim of asking new and better questions. I teach with the aim of helping others to do the same.

My vision is to continue on, words to page, and to provide creativity coaching and mind-body services that enable you to break blocks, create the life you want, and make the art you were meant to make.

“An intelligent person can rationalize anything, a wise person doesn't try.”

Jen Knox

Author, Co-owner of Unleash Creatives LLC

Photo by Octavio Quintanilla